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About Life Coaching


You may be new to all this “life-coaching stuff” or perhaps you have limited knowledge because you have only seen it portrayed in movies or on television shows.  Most people have never even encountered a life coach and think that such a luxury is for the rich and famous like Beyoncé who has a famous life coach, AJ Johnson.

The truth is that anybody can use a life coach and having a life coach is not a luxury reserved for the rich and famous! In fact, life coaching is the second-fastest growing industry in the world according to the International Coaching Federation.

There are an estimated 4,380,000 coaches globally with 1,790,000 of them in the United States!

It is hard to believe that life coaching is still an unregulated industry but it is true. Life coaching is far more than a trend as people both young and old are attempting to make sense of the world around them while trying to reach their life goals.

When most people think of a life-coach they picture a small quiet room with a sofa and a chair, but that “picture” is of a psychologists office not a life coach’s place of business. To be honest, while much of life coaching has been done remotely for years, since the COVID-19 pandemic, life-coaches offering their services electronically like telehealth has increased 74% just in the last year!

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Our goal as life coaches are to assist you in identifying obstacles, setting measurable goals and being there for you as you work towards achieving results. Picture a personal trainer at a gym. We are not going to lift the weights for you, but we will be there every lift spotting you and cheering you on. We can also help you select the right amount of weight you can handle at the moment.

Just as there are different styles of leadership, there are different types of coaches. Coaches come from different backgrounds. They have varied skill sets. Some of the popular coaching types are personal (career, finance, health, life coach, personal and relationship coaches), religious, wealth, business (sports, executive). And within these wider categories exist niches such as life coach, motivational coach, etc. Each of our coaches have their own styles and approaches all guided by standards of excellence set forth by the founders of Oasis Restoration Ministries.

We are not problem solvers; we are great listeners. Being a great listener is a vague compliment for a life coach. Coaches listen, not to solve but to encourage the client to verbalize his or her problems and then facilitates the solving of those problems. While we may empower you throughout your journey, when all is said and done, it will be said that you got there on your own.

You will find that our coaches each have personal history and first-hand knowledge that life is harsh and change is hard.  What this has created is a team of empathetic and compassionate coaches that cannot wait to be a part of your upcoming victories!

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