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Understanding the wheel... it's all about balance.

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The wellness wheel is a visual tool that shows each category of wellness on a wheel. It gives people the opportunity to hone in on their wellness by identifying areas in their life they may have neglected and seek to improve. Since all of the dimensions are interconnected, an imbalance in one area of the wellness wheel might restrict you from reaching peak wellbeing.


At Oasis, we believe the wellness wheel is not only important for your physical and mental health, but for all aspects of your life. By working through each area of the wellness wheel, you will be able to enhance your overall quality life, improve your health, and focus on reaching your full potential.


The wellness wheel is a tool for self exploration that promotes the concept that balance is the key to well-being. When it was first conceived by Dr. Bill Hettler, he outlined six dimensions of wellness as markers to help individuals accomplish a well rounded, healthy lifestyle and live a life of value and meaning.


Over time, the wheel has grown to include eight categories. Today, the dimensions on the wellness wheel include: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, financial, environmental, social, and occupational wellness. These are all separate yet interconnected categories that contribute to reaching a balanced life.


You can use the wellness wheel periodically to reflect on your progress over time, and it can help you understand what lifestyle changes you may want to start making. By honing in on each area, you will be able to improve the overall quality of your life, better your health, and work towards your full potential.

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