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WHO we are


ORM’s founder and current CEO Domenica Thompson or fondly known as Nikki is currently pursuing a degree in Business leadership with an emphasis on health and wellness at UAGC.
​Nikki worked for 15 years as a volunteer coordinator for an emergency response education and restoration team called Chasing4Life. She has over twenty years of experience with event and fundraising planning. She also has hands on medical training as she worked as a CNA for over 3 years before transitioning to work as a patient advocate at a nonprofit ministry for the last two years. Nikki’s passion is helping families learn a new way of living and becoming self-sustaining.


ORM’s Vice President Mally Tran received her Bachelors of Science in Healthcare administration and has since worked in the medical field for roughly nine years. She moved roles from a patient advocate into a managerial role that oversees the nonprofits charity fund. Mally is currently enrolled at the Hollywood Art Institute to receive her certification in photography. She has roughly ten years’ experience in event planning, and has a huge passion traveling and photography. Mally is a certified life coach through IAP.  One of her life goals is to help support people reach their highest potential through coaching.


ORM’s Chief Vision Office (CVO) Kelli Danneker is an inspirational leader who has been saved by God’s grace and strives every day to share His love through her contagious enthusiasm for helping others. She obtained her Master’s Degree from the University of Central Florida in 2006, and is an American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certified speech-language pathologist. She is also a Certified Professional Sales Leader through the National Association of Sales Professionals and has her certificate in Sales Enablement.

She is passionate about helping women experiencing homelessness and serves as the Career
Development Educator at New Life Mission. Kelli’s sobriety date is September 28, 2013, by the Grace of God. She fearlessly shares her life experiences, which has provided hope for many. Currently she is the Member Development Trainer at Christian Care Ministry, where she has been instrumental in skill sharpening, is a catalyst for authentic positivity, and a continuous reminder of the power of God’s faithfulness. Kelli is a certified life coach. With that certification, her goal is to help people focus on employment and sustainability and truly thrive in life after overcoming addiction.
Mental Health.


Patrick Smith is one of ORM’s online life coaches and Board member. He is a Professional Certified
Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) who specializes in leadership development, personal growth, and career coaching. Developing leadership skills in others is his personal passion. He does this through a hybrid coaching/consulting method that incorporates his background in corporate training and development with his experience as a leadership and career coach.
In addition to working as the Director of Training and Development at a non-profit financial services
organization, he serves as a private coaching practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals looking to take things to the next level to teams seeking to optimize their productivity. In addition to being a coach and consultant, he also enjoys public speaking on a wide range of topics.  His approach to coaching and consulting is holistic and action-oriented, focusing on realistic steps to advance the strategic goals of individuals and organizations. By leveraging this method, he provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges and identify immediate growth opportunities.


Brandi L. Weiss is the Founder of His Little Rewards, a non-profit foundation created to support women during pregnancy and the postpartum months following.  His Little Rewards specializes in at-risk mothers, first-time mothers and teenage moms-to-be.  As a certified pregnancy and postpartum coach as well as a lactation specialist, Brandi has a special ministry with a very specific focus of compassion, care and education.  His Little Rewards became an Oasis partner in early 2022 and presently shares office space with Oasis Restoration.  Brandi is also the creator of The Tactical Family, a program for parents looking for creative and effective ideas for raising children.


EG Weiss is our Critical Stress/PTSD Coach and a current Oasis Restoration Ministries board member.

EG Weiss has over 35 years of experience as a frontline responder and now is a retired firefighter, retired EMT and current security specialist and government security contractor.  Weiss spent two years as a national Line of Duty Death (LODD) Chaplain, one year as Trauma Chaplain for Unity Point Hospitals, is the founder of the Life In The Arena Foundation and is a board member at the Responder Wellness Institute.

Weiss holds certifications from Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness in Mental Health & Disaster preparedness, Disaster Mental Health Intervention, Mental Health Consequences of Disaster, Psychology and Disaster Response and Disaster Mental Health Planning.  Weiss also holds certifications from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Disaster Behavioral Health, Mental Health Needs of Trauma Survivors and Psychological First Aid.

Weiss hold certifications from the University of North Carolina in Pandemic Influenza Planning, Bio-Psycho-Social Response to Disaster, Investigating Outbreaks of Psychogenic Illness, Mental Health Interventions and Self Care for Disaster Responders along with a certification from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in Disaster Mental Health.

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